According to the Japan Weather Association, the amount of airborne pollen in the spring of 2021 is expected to increase more than 1.8 times from 2020 in some areas.

As such, many are expected to be exposed to droplets from sneezing and contamination from others rubbing their eyes, nose, and mouth as hay fever becomes an issue. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, pollen may result in the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. Officials stated that "This season, we want to aim for zero symptoms among all hay fever patients regardless of severity."

The take-home message is that consumers will need some help practicing good hygiene this hay fever season. Fortunately, a little preparation goes a long way. For this, the eyewear retailer Zoff might just have the answer.


Zoff recently began selling their deluxe glasses branded “AIR VISOR ULTRA” in January of 2021. The product was a hit, and it was out of stock almost as soon as it hit the shelves. There are three types of glasses and features included in the product line:

Left: AIR VISOR ULTRA. Anti-steam glasses, suitable for wearing with a mask, which cut pollen exposure by 98 percent. They adjust to fit a wearer’s face. Only 3,300 JPY.

Middle: AIR VISOR. Anti-steam glasses, suitable for wearing with a mask, that cut pollen by 95 percent. Several styles are available, including kids' styles. Only 3,300 JPY.

Right: Zoff PROTECT 2WAY. Zoff’s original light model with a detachable visor attachment that has an anti-bacterial coating. 8,800 JPY.

Anti-fog spray

Here’s the best part: an easy-to-use anti-fog spray that can keep glasses clear even when wearing a mask. Indeed, the coronavirus outbreak has been particularly annoying for the bespectacled among us who have to choose between not seeing due to fogged lenses when out about or infecting others while going maskless. It's no wonder the product recently experienced its highest weekly sales for worn-out consumers as the weather begins to warm up. Yet, the recently released anti-fog spray includes more spray with a greater sterilization effect. Intended for those on the go, it still comes in a compact and easy-to-carry size. 800 JPY.

Finally, Zoff offers anti-fog lenses. Ordinary glasses can be upgraded with a long-lasting anti-fog coat. The anti-fog coat will last a long time if cleaned properly with the included wipe. An additional charge of 3,300 JPY is required, and a few days processing time is necessary.

Consumer opinions

These productions are great news for people with hay fever. Many Twitter users reacted:

  • “I bought pollen glasses at Zoff. I used to use glasses that cost 100 JPY, but they got cloudy and scratched easily. So I decided to buy a better pair! These hardly fog and are very comfortable. The frame is cute, and they are my favorite."
  • “I bought pollen glasses at Zoff, and they don’t get cloudy even when I wear a mask! I think the anti-fog lens are a must-have item this day in age."
  • “I bought glasses for pollen at Zoff. I got the Wellington type, and they feel natural. The price was low, and I'll survive this spring with them!”
  • “I bought glasses for hay fever at Zoff. I can't go out without them.”
  • “I finally bought Zoff pollen glasses because of the recent terrible pollen situation...The price was also kind to my wallet, and the staff adjusted them nicely... Thank you very much. I can work hard.”

Indeed, spring during corona is a little tougher for glasses wearers with hay fever. However, a few helpful products will help consumers get by.

By - Luke Mahoney.