With at-home cafes becoming all the rage, we’ve seen plenty of adorable take out desserts in Japanese cafes and bakeries. If you’re a fan of puddings, the first place you may want to check out is Pastel Pudding, a dessert shop which specialises in, you guessed it, pudding.

Last year they released several Pompompurin puddings, and even a cake to celebrate his birthday on 16th April. But this year, the pudding-esque dog is coming up to his 25th anniversary, so even more special creations are on the cards. These puddings will be given in a special limited edition paper bag with a super cute illustration, making them a great gift for the Pompompurin lover in your life.

For the Pompompurin mini pudding, the store has taken their flagship product, a smooth and creamy pudding topped with whipped cream, and added an adorable Pompompurin face on top in cocoa powder (380 yen plus tax).

The fluffy version of the Pompompurin pudding includes caramel cream, caramel sauce and marshmallows with chocolate chips (480 yen plus tax).

Those looking for a retro dessert will enjoy the Pompompurin a la mode which comes in an adorable cup adorned with the character (600 yen plus tax). The creamy pudding is decorated with cream and fruit pieces.

No anniversary would be complete without a cake, and Pastel Pudding have got a chiffon cake. At 2200 yen, it’s a pretty sizeable 15cm in diameter. But you can’t escape the pudding flavour, as the outside is slathered in pudding cream and caramel sauce. Pompompurin is relaxing cutely on top.

But if you’re a Sanrio super fan who wants to celebrate in style, an elaborate two tier cake can be ordered in advance for 6500 yen plus tax from March 1st to 25th April.

The other adorable desserts are on sale from 15th March to 30th April 2021. They can be picked up at Pastel Pudding which can be found in various cities in Japan, check out their website for a full shop list.

By - Jess.