Themed cafes inspired by various characters, and food to celebrate cherry blossoms blooming in spring are two of our favourite things about Japan. The only thing better than one of these is surely a combination of the two.

At Animate Cafe the ultimate vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku, is starring in her own limited time only cherry blossom cafe.

This cafe, which is called ‘Sakura Miku’ will be blossoming in both Tokyo’s geek haven of Akihabara, and well as a location in Osaka.

You can feel like you’re on a cherry blossom viewing picnic thanks to Miku’s adorable ‘O-hanami Bento’.

For dessert there’s an appropriately pink pancake stack which instantly brings spring to mind.

Miku’s adorable sakura makeover can also been seen in the awesome latte art to be found on top of her ‘Poka Poka Latte’. The design will be randomly chosen from one of five so you can look forward to seeing which Miku will appear in your foam.

Various artists have created commissioned pieces just for the Sakura Miku cafe, and some of these original illustrations can even be picked up on merchandise such as acrylic stands.

There's a reservation system in place for the Tokyo location from 10th to 14th March, but after that there's no booking necessary so you can visit whenever. This springtime event is only running from 10th March until 12th April 2021. Please refer to the official websites and Twitter accounts for opening times and up-to-date information.

By - Jess.