“Who decides what's cool?" Most have probably wondered this from time to time, especially when you hear whispers of bell bottoms coming back in style in 2021. Nevertheless, it can be an exhausting exercise to keep pace with the latest and greatest for the less fashionably-inclined among us. Or, in this case, the coolest and most chic.

Nevertheless, male cosmetics and beauty products brand Gatsby is attempting to influence current trends with a stylish rebranding. Named after the iconic Great Gatsby, the brand has centered its campaign around the questions of who decides what is and isn't cool and how can we change fashion.

Takeru Satoh

Kamen Rider fans will recognize Takeru Satoh as the man behind the image of this new campaign. The young Japanese actor is famous for playing Ryotaro Nogami in the Kamen Rider Den-O series and Himura Kenshin in the Rurouni Kenshin film.

Since his 2006 debut, the young actor has been known for his confidence and cool under pressure. As companies and cultures increasingly diversify, he is a likely candidate to represent Gatsby as it embraces future trends.

You can get a feel for his acting ability and what he represents to the company in the latest brand movie by Gatsby:

Loosely translated, the narration reads:

"Beethoven wrote 'fate,' and 'tragedy' was developed by Shakespeare. So, who decided what's ‘cool?’ Magazine models? Movie stars? Famous fashion designers? No way. The person who first wore denim jeans in the city took it upon himself to be a trendsetter. The first person to spike their hair made it cool by themselves. So, who has the power to change what is cool? Acting upon a desire for change is how we discover the latest fashion. Therefore, it's good to pursue what's beautiful. You don't have to be especially flashy, and it's OK to compete. Even low-key styles are good. What's cool changes, and anyone can change it. So who's going to change it next?


According to Gatsby, the campaign is about an "affirmation of change." After all, the company was founded in 1978. Since then, it has aimed to help young men express their desire to be cool as styles have evolved over the decades. These days, people's values are changing as the world deals with rapid digitalization, environmental change, and, of course, the pandemic. Gatsby encourages consumers to embrace this change with courage and confidence and make their own way.

As such, Takeru Satoh is excited to play a part in this campaign for a brand he has followed since he was a teenager. He also supports the message behind the brand movie he and Gatsby made. He thinks that change is a positive thing, and it can even be considered cool. Moreover, the young actor respects individuals who forge this new era in their own way.

Expect to see more Gatsby advertisements featuring Takeru Satoh in Shibuya, Osaka, and other trendy, high-fashion areas.

By - Luke Mahoney.