Farming doesn't always yield produce just the way we've imagined it. Recently a farmer whose "ugly duckling" tomatoes went touchingly viral as well as Japan's as well as Japan's "sexy daikon raddish" memes are proof of that.

Japanese Twitter user and farmer Buromasa (@buromasa0423) recently got a reminder of that. After checking some of their final harvest for the day, Buromasa shared the following photos to Twitter explaining that "for the first time in a while, I've grown some crazy carrots..." and he's definitely not wrong!

These are quite the dramatic gang of veggies.

As you can see, the contortions and tangles of the carrots make for some dramatic poses, and have a lot of Twitter comments comparing the carrots to action movie or anime heroes taking the battlefield with a scene-stealing presence.

Buromasa specified the following two carrots that were harvested together as his personal favorites, envisioning them as a couple who must have had a tragic breakup in a paste life.

You can follow Buromasa on Twitter for hopefully more deformed but hilarious and sometimes epic farming adventures.

By - Big Neko.