In 2016, three dogs in Kyushu became somewhat of a tourist attraction after being spotted sticking their heads through holes in their garden wall. Now the ‘shiba inu peeking through wall window’ has become somewhat of a trope in Japan, even spawning a ‘Shiba Inu Stuck in Wall’ toy series which encompasses various poses and varieties of shibe.

It gives the dogs a safe way to interact with the outside world (provided visitors heed the no-feeding sign) and many probably thought the original design could not be improved. That’s until this more recent pic surfaced of a dog called Hana, whose peephole is not located in a garden wall, but the wall of a balcony.

Not only can she enjoy the outside world without leaving the premises, but she also has a great vantage point to observe the comings and goings of her human.

This photo was taken by the owner while leaving to go on an errand, and many commenters mentioned how funny the dog’s ‘concerned’ face is, watching her owner leave the house for the day. Some said things such as ‘she looks like she’s saying “hurry on home now!”’, and ‘I wish she was there to see me off too!’.

Source: @87shiba87

We can all agree that such a sight would make it pretty difficult to leave the house in the morning. If you want to see more sweet pics of Hana, check out her Twitter page!

By - Jess.