Hanami, or cherry blossom flower viewing parties, are one of Japan's favorite ways to celebrate the beautiful sakura season of spring. Gathering under sakura trees in full bloom to take in scenic views with good food, drink, and company is something many friends and family mark on their calendar every year.

Unfortunately, the cherry blossom-themed picnic parties have become largely discouraged and compromised due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, and the necessary safety countermeasures to combat it.

Unwilling to let hanami suffer for two years straight and with Tokyo sakura set to hit full bloom in just weeks, Japanese luxury limo and touring service Outech is offering a socially distanced and mobile way to take in some of Tokyo's most celebrated cherry blossom viewing venues.

The plan, which became available on March 3rd, allows hanami-seeking guests the opportunity to be chauffeured around the 23 wards of Tokyo and experience a cherry blossom viewing party on wheels from the comfort of a luxury limo service. Vehicles are routinely disinfected, and even aside from the service's intention to avoid large crowds and unsafe venues, gives a sense of relaxation and privacy not usually afforded at the top hanami spots in Japan.

Hanami spots include Akasaka Sakura-zaka, Roppongi Sakura-zaka, and the Meguro River, where you can enjoy views of a hundred of sakura trees. A 3 hour course is available for 16,000 yen, meaning a group of four can experience a luxury hanami party for a reasonable 4,000 yen a person.

Customers can make a hanami plan reservation and find more information at Outech's official website.

By - Big Neko.