When starting out on a fantasy RPG adventure, there's no more surer way to make your mark as an adventurer than to join up with a local guild and begin handling menial side quests before eventually gaining reputation as a legendary hero. In real life it takes quite a bit more effort than that to build a legacy, but a newly opened tavern in front of Yamato Station in Kanagawa prefecture is now offering fantasy and RPG fans a spot to gather for food, drinks, and even guild side quests they can complete: an adventurer's guild-themed tavern!

The "Boken-sha Guild Tavern" (Adventurer's Guild Tavern) is a fantasy-themed tavern intended to make fans feel as if they've stepped into the local guild pub of a fantasy RPG.

This is partly accomplished by the tavern's decor and menu, which contains regular dishes such as a variety of meat and pasta, but also fantasy-themed fare with "meat with bones of demon beasts" and "Wyvern's claws."

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the tavern is how much it lives up to one of the main purposes of meeting up with your guild in an RPG: acquiring side quests to build experience. The tavern has it's own Quest Board, which encourages groups of guests to use to challenge outstanding quests.

Some of these include "keeping a watch out" at the local train station for any suspicious people, picking up and disposing surrounding the area (although they strictly want you to simply report should you see something dangerous), or even traveling as far as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and reporting back on your findings. The time and difficulty of these quests awards you with Guild Points, which can presumably be used at the tavern somehow.

You can find access information and a full menu at the Adventurer's Guild Tavern's official website.

By - Big Neko.