Pottery and cookies might not be things that most people would imagine together, but they’re both things that sculptor Aya Okamoto has found a deep love for — a love that she hopes to extend to other people in Japan.

She graduated with a major in ceramics from a traditional arts school in Kyoto in 2015, and two years later, she found herself back in her home prefecture of Nara, where she opened her own kiln. Aya later extended this into a store called “Ginsetsu no Sato (銀雪の里)”, which translates as “the village of silver-glittering snow”. Her mother suggested selling sweets alongside her pottery, and these sweets became quite popular because of their beautifully intricate designs that only a potter’s hands could make.

This month, the department store giant Daimaru Matsuzakaya put up limited amounts of Ginsetsu no Sato’s exquisite cookies for sale through their online store. The cookies were sold in boxes and came in a variety of designs, including adorable woolly sheep and delicate snowflakes.

One box of Ginsetsu no Sato cookies is priced at 4,190 yen, and although the first batch of 30 boxes for March sold out within one week, Daimaru’s Japanese online store currently plans to restock them again on April 1. So if these beautiful cookies are something you’d like to get a hold of, you can watch out for the restock happening then.

By - Jen Laforteza.