Thanks to the creativity of various boba stands around Japan, we’ve seen the seemingly infinite ways in which cherry blossom can be incorporated into our favourite bubbly beverages. Previously we've encountered tapioca pearls containing real cherry blossom, and even a five-layer sakura dango masterpiece.

This year, Gong Cha, the super popular Taiwanese bubble tea chain, are getting in on the action too, adding a brand new topping perfect for the season.

The ‘Sakura Milk Foam’ is inspired by cherry blossoms at full bloom, mimicking the soft hue and fragrance of the floral phenomenon. This menu addition contains not just real sakura petals as flavouring, but sakura leaves too. The decorative sakura powder on top of the cream is made from domestically grown ‘yaezakura’ (double-flowered cherry blossom) and the leaves of ‘oshimazakura’ which is often used for sakura mochi.

With a subtle sweet and sour taste, the flavour is inspired by traditional Japanese sweets.

The luxurious and creamy topping can be added to any drink for 80 yen extra, so sakura fans can go wild with their customisations. As the Sakura Milk Foam is seasonal, it will only be available at Gong Cha until 31st March, except Hokkaido where it will stick around until the beginning of May. Check out the Gong Cha website for a store list.

By - Jess.