Historic Kyoto teahouse Itohkyuemon are masters of the matcha parfait. If you follow grape Japan, you’ll know we rave on the regular about their elaborate seasonal creations such as their hydrangea-inspired green tea desserts and the gorgeous sakura matcha parfait which they released for March at some of their Kyoto branches.

But not everyone can travel to Kyoto to experience such over the top and pricey desserts, so Japanese chocolate makers Tirol have managed to make a bite-size version which will be appearing in 7-Eleven convenience stores from 19th March.

Tirol haven’t shied away from eccentric flavours before, releasing strawberry daifuku mochi and sweet sake chocolates, but this one is surely their most ambitious yet. In collaboration with Itohkyuemon, they’ve created the ‘Strawberry Matcha Parfait’ chocolate, which packs as many elements of a green tea parfait as is feasibly thinkable into one chocolate square.

The outer layer is made from matcha chocolate, then just one bite will unleash a barrage of fresh cream flavour chocolate, mochi gummy sweets, strawberry chocolate, dried strawberry pieces, feuilletine, and adzuki bean flavour chocolate.

And the best part? While a full on matcha parfait will set you back around 2000 yen (about $20), this bite-size version can be acquired for a measly 42 yen (about 40 cents). Of course nothing can replace the majesty of the real deal, but if you’re short on time or money this is the perfect matcha parfait quick fix!

By - Jess.