In recent years, beloved creature-catching series Pokemon has been collaborating with local municipalities around Japan to create ‘Poke Lids’, manhole covers with awesome illustrations. Hoping to encourage more tourism to the areas, the covers are completely original, one-of-a-kind designs, so if you want to see your favourite Pocket Monster, you have to check out that particular location.

The latest additions to the lineup, which have appeared on the remote island of Ogasawa, brought the total count to to 152, but Aomori was yet to see even one tiny Pokemon on any of the prefecture’s manholes.

Luckily for Pokemon Trainers in Aomori, that’s just changed thanks to two new installations in the towns of Hachinohe and Hashikami.

Hachinohe’s design features both Geodude and a flock of Wingulls circling above him. A rocky Pokemon and some gull-like Pokemon are the perfect choices for the seaside location.

Hashikami is also a coastal area and the new manhole cover features a lighthouse next to some water. The Pokemon frolicking on the grass are Pyukumuku, Pincurchin and Snom, which all resemble sea creatures.

Information regarding the exact locations for each one can be found on the Poke Lids website, which can help you find every single Pokemon manhole cover to be found scattered all across Japan. Most are permanent but some are temporary so be sure not to miss out on your favourite Pokemon!

By - Jess.