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VR Kareshi Set for a 2021 Release, Opens Pre-registration

The virtual landscape of interactive games has opened up immensely in recent years, utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) technology for things like Pokémon GO and Dragon Quest Walk, but strictly VR games for smartphones has been relatively sparse.

Produced by IVR and due for release sometime in 2021, VR Kareshi, takes a step into the romance genre for smartphones. Using the latest VR technology, you are able to interact with four good-looking guys, all of which can be designed to your liking.

Pre-registration is now open!

To celebrate the opening of pre-registration, IVR has opened a new website, started a new campaign event, and will be having a special livestream on Thursday, March 18 at 8:00 PM (JST). Those currently known to be appearing include the following:

There will also be bonuses according to how many people sign up for pre-registration. All rewards will be sent to all users upon the game's official release. Here's the bonus line-up:

  • 10,000 people: Shooting pass ✕ 5 + gems for 1 gacha pull
  • 20,000 people: One message
  • 30,000 people: Glasses + gems for 3 gacha pulls
  • 40,000 people: One talk item
  • 50,000 people: Haruo dog print hoodie + gems for 5 gacha pulls

Twitter Campaign "Hakosuko" Giveaway!

If you're currently in Japan, you can participate in the "Hakosuko" giveaway contest. Just follow the official VR Kareshi twitter account and retweet the following tweet to enter!

The glasses is a sort of cardboard box that you place your smartphone inside then wear it like any other VR goggles. People had their first test drive of the game with these glasses during Tokyo Game Show 2019.

About VR Kareshi

Excellent presence and immersion!
VR Kareshi delivers a VR situational romance in which you can have an outside date even without stepping outside! The slightly mature stories will warm your heart! (There is more than 3 hours worth of story including seasonal situations.)

A first in Japan!?
This is a first romance game that allows you to design your very own boyfriend to your liking. Appearance, hairstyle, system, skin color, overall build, clothes, etc. It uses an overwhelmingly flexible character making system to design the characters.

Unrivaled quality comparable to home consoles!
This includes not only well-designed character models, but also backgrounds, food, and motion.

Story and great voice actors!
VR Kareshi is the only game where you can enjoy a rich and mature love story that's unlike anything else. Veteran voice actors are on board to bring soul to their characters.

You can have a dog as a pet!
Not only can you feed your dog, Haruo, but you can also pet and dress him up, too!

Additional Information

  • Compatibility
    • iOS: iPhone 6S〜, iOS 10.0〜
    • Android: Android 9.0〜
  • Please note that there is no available support for compatibility issues besides the phones listed above. Additionally, depending on usage, the above recommendations may still become unstable.
  • The game is in Japanese only with no word on an English localization. It is currently unknown if the game will be available to play outside of Japan.

Title: VR Kareshi
Website: https://vrkareshi.jp
Twitter: @vrkareshi_IVR
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vrkareshi
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vr_kareshi
Scheduled Release: 2021, Japan
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By - Terra Dragos.