As in many countries around the world, the Japanese economy has suffered due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. At one time, the government implemented "Go To Travel" and "Go To Eat" programs to encourage people to travel and dine out, but these were canceled after the third wave of infections.

Since prioritizing human lives potentially leads to economic collapse, and prioritizing the economy potentially leads to the endangerment of human lives, a solution to the problem is far from obvious.

WakeAi: A win-win solution for both producers and consumers

As large-scale events have been canceled and opportunities to eat out have decreased, another problem emerging from the pandemic is food waste.

WakeAi is a SDGs-minded "social contribution" mail order site seeking to promote the reduction of food waste among producers and businesses suffering from the effects of the novel coronavirus.

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WakeAi sells the products of businesses that have been crippled by the pandemic at a lower price than usual. Businesses can reduce the damage caused by food waste, and consumers can purchase delicious food at a reasonable price. The site has already received over 130,000 orders since it launched last August (officially opened in October 2020).

In addition, shipping is free if you order products that are part of the #元気いただきますプロジェクト (Genki Itadakimasu Project) supported by Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

As more and more consumers use the site to enjoy delicious food and offer their support, supplies of certain items are running out of stock. So, why don't you give it a try?

5% off limited campaign

Now there's an even better reason to try WakeAi, since all products on the site are being discounted by 5% during a limited-time campaign. The campaign will end once the budget is expended, so don't delay!

Visit WakeAi to sign up and use the service. (Products can only be delivered domestically within Japan).

By - Ben K.