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The BDP lipstick-free mask is now on sale

Brand Design Plus, abbreviated as BDP, is a Japanese graphic and apparel design company based in the home of fashion boutiques, Daikanyama, also known as the Brooklyn of Tokyo.

In March, BDP has released the new BDP Mask for Make-up that promises 99.9% protection from lipstick or make-up transfer.

The mask also focuses on fashion and skin problems, so it is very suitable for those who worry about acne or other skin conditions caused by wearing masks daily.

BDP’s mask for make-up not only allows the skin to breathe and is make-up/lipstick-free, but it is also very chic and easy to match with your outfits.

The mask comes in three colors:

  • 1. Cream
  • 2. White
  • 3. Mocha


-It is stylish and will be much appreciated by those who wear make-up every day.

The mask comes in three classic colors, so those who love fashion will also appreciate the design and how well it blends with any style. 

You can use it when you go to a café, or the office, even to more formal events such as weddings.

Regardless of you wearing a casual outfit, a cute dress, or a formal suit, the BDP lipstick-free mask will look like a part of your attire.

You will not need to worry about your foundation or lipstick getting wiped off either, so you’ll get through the day looking gorgeous.

-Less skin damage.

The unique shape of the mask and the larger space around the mouth area between the skin and the material is a unique feature that helps to prevent future skin troubles.

-More breathable.

The material and the design make the mask more comfortable when wearing and allow oxygen to get through, making it easier to breathe.

The mask is free size, and the package arrives approximately 2-3 days after ordering it.

One pack includes two masks, and you can purchase it from the BDP Official Website for 2,790 yen(tax included).

※Shipping costs not included in the price.

BDP Official Website

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