If you’ve been itching to view the Cherry Blossoms but would rather avoid the big crowds that often gather under the trees, we understand.
But not to worry, as this Sakura ikebana set from florist company, Hana Kobo, is the perfect opportunity to have your very own hanami celebration from home.

Hana Kobo came up with their sakura ikebana as a way to tackle the difficulties arising when viewing the sakura but maintaining social distances.

Set up your own sakura ikebana at home, and send another to family and friends so that you can all experience sakura viewing in each other’s company even when you’re not physically together.

The full set includes freshly cut cherry blossom branches, cuttings of shepherd’s purse, spongy moss, an ikebana pot, and a couple of stones.
Put it all together and recreate your perfect rendition of a cherry blossom tree.

At Home! Cherry blossom viewing ikebana kit

Single: 4,780 yen
Double: 9,800 yen

Each kit contains:

Cherry tree branch / cutting of shepherd’s purse / moss / stones / sponge set

When you’re done putting your kit together, take a snap and post it on instagram under the tag #自宅で花見キット

By - Connie Sceaphierde.