Tsukada Farm is an izakaya (Japanese style pub) that emphasizes use of fresh locally farmed ingredients running in 24 prefectures across Japan. However, despite being popular for reasonable prices and a variety of delicious meals, Tsukada Farm is one of many restaurants facing a sharp decline in customers as many practice stay-at-home protocol as a countermeasure to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and restaurants operate under fixed hours.

The significant decrease in customers caused by the coronavirus and the second state of emergency declaration has resulted in a large surplus of ingredients that were originally supposed to be used at Tsukada Farm.

In response, the chain has launched a new initiative to both counter a growing problem of food loss in Japan and support restaurant operators, with the theme of bringing the flavor of their popular dishes straight to homes in Japan. Tsukada Farm will now be shipping discounted ingredients intended to be used on their restaurant dishes as prepared at home meals that can turn your dinner table into an izakaya of your own via shopping and delivery site KURADASHI.

The campaign features already cooked dishes such as high quality jidori chicken wings and meat miso that you can arrange as you see fit at home. While supplies are limited due to the original ingredients nearing their expiration date, they are perfectly good to eat and high level ingredients not normally seen at discount.

Those in Japan can check to see availability and order from Tsukada Farm's KURADASHI page.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.