For the sweet spot of a Venn diagram between dog lovers and tea drinkers, there are probably very few things that can match the relaxing appeal of sipping a good brew alongside your canine companion. A maker in Shizuoka prefecture, sometimes hailed as the tea capital of Japan due to its high quality tea production, may have something better, however: a set of adorably posed doggy tea bags to be your tea drinking buddies!

The doggy tea bags come in two different types. The first is called "Inu Cha" ("Dog Tea"), and features intricate cut outs of playful shiba inu in a variety of cheeky poses.

The cut outs can safely hang outside and dangle from your cup of tea, but can also be posed on the brim of your cup for some fun. When finished they can be removed and used as doggy decorations as well.

The shiba Inu Cha tea bags feature poses of a shiba stretching, howling, being told to wait, sleeping, yanking a leash on a walk, and even answering the call of nature.

The shiba Inu Cha bags contain green tea leaves from Shizuoka, which is often praised as one of the richest green tea producing regions in Japan, and this particular brew in these bags is said to have a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, and is characterized by its deep richness.

The second variety is called "Wanko-cha", a play on a Japanese word for puppy ("wanko") and black tea ("kocha"). Fittingly, it also uses premium black tea from Shizuoka prefecture, as well as a selection of non-Japanese breed dogs as the cut outs in equally amusing poses.

This particular blend of black tea is known for its rich aroma and sweetness.

Check out the adorable doggy tea bags at grape SHOP, where you can find both Inu Cha tea bags as well as Wanko tea bags, each available in packages of six.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.