Annually during springtime, many people in Japan gather in parks to enjoy flower-viewing (hanami 花見, in Japanese) and specifically, the beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) trees.

However, this year, due to the pandemic and the extended state of emergency, most events/ gatherings have been canceled. 

Despite that, there are still ways you can enjoy cherry-blossom-inspired bentos (box lunches) while viewing the sakura, but while being safe and protecting others, as well.

One of them is the Magic Sakura Tree, a magical tree, as the name says, that will turn into a pink fluff after sprinkling water on it.

With the Sakura tree that magically blooms, you can enjoy flower viewing from the comfort of your home, but also bring a little fun and enjoy a scientific activity with your children.

The tree blooms like a real sakura tree and is already very popular.

It can also make a brilliant gift for those who love cherry blossoms and hanami. Moreover, it's a good choice for those who like having fun with a bit of science while spending time at home during pandemic times.

The kit comes with a magic tree (made out of paper), a bag of water, instructions, and one tray to set up the tree.

At first, the branches are brown, but after pouring the water, you’ll see the magic happen and the tree getting covered in lovely pink shades and flowers.

However, you need to wait around 10-12 hours for the flowers to bloom, and afterward, you can enjoy them for approximately a month.

You can also enjoy the blooming flowers gradually scattering in the air and bring some color into your room after having a hanami picnic in your garden or house.

The magic water has no smell and is not toxic.
  ※However, you should wash it off with water if it gets into your eyes or mouth.

You can buy the Magic Sakura Tree for 880 yen (tax included) from the Keibunsha Online Shop.

※ The shipping fee is 550 yen, but if your purchase is 5,000 yen or more, you get free shipping.

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