March 14th, White Day, recently came and went in Japan. It is essentially the sequel to Valentine's Day for those unfamiliar with the special occasion. Essentially, in the "traditional" model, Japanese women shower the men in their lives with chocolate and gifts on February 14th, and on White Day, men return the favor.

Anyone understands the conventional wisdom that they are supposed to exceed the price tag of their partner’s gift if not double it. In so doing, many seek out creative ways of celebrating their affection. We’ve covered sakura pink chocolate drinks, chocolate burgers infused with chocolate and meat juice, chocolate buff bears, and a host of other gifts that would satisfy the occasion.

And others that would likely accomplish the opposite—a Valentine’s Day dirt pie perfect for an entomologist partner, for example. Yum yum!

Tirol’s Premium Chocolat Framboise

Outside of the holiday season, there are plenty of tasty treats available to satisfy chocoholics in Japan. From March 8th, Tirol added a delectable addition to this lineup with their Premium Chocolat Framboise product.

Chocolat Framboise: milk chocolate, framboise sauce, truffle chocolate

Tirol is a widely known chocolate company that was established in Fukuoka in 1903. The company is typically associated with bite-size snacks; however, their framboise marks a fancy addition to their brand.

Their Premium Chocolat Framboise is a milk chocolate snack filled with framboise sauce (0.9% alcohol) and truffle chocolate. The product comes seven to a bag and retails for 150 JPY. Naturally, chocoholics rejoiced on Twitter on news of the product's release. Here are a few comments:

  • “This looks delicious!”
  • “I could die happily eating framboise sauce.”
  • “What a luxurious looking package. I can’t wait to try some.”

Head to Tirol’s website for more information.

By - Luke Mahoney.