Understanding and support of feminine hygiene needs has become somewhat of a prevalent topic in Japanese media lately. Both social media and television programs have featured trending discussions meant to bring awareness to the physical and mental stress caused by mensuration in the work place, and there's even been a manga and movie about a menstrual cycle superhero named "Seiri-chan" which is meant to serve the same purpose.

Lately, the discussion has been centered around on the backlash to an October 2019 10% consumption tax increase on products including sanitary products, which as the Mainichi Shinbun reports, has many women feeling they now feel an economic burden for goods essential to their health.

Even with voices and petitions rallying attention, the current pandemic has made things even tougher on women who find themselves struggling to get their essential sanitary goods. In response to heightened awareness and suffering voices, Toshima City in Ikebukuro is offering a helping hand, distributing emergency sanitary goods to those who cannot afford them.

Starting March 15, 2021, sanitary products will be distributed at the "Women's Consultation Group, Childcare Support Division," "Gender Equality Promotion Center," and "Toshima Ward Citizens' Social Welfare Council" in Toshima City. Visitors don't need to show any proof of identity, and just need to show the above image with "TOSHIMA Sanitary Drive" written on it. Those without a smartphone you can still receive goods by displaying a card with the same design, which is available at the counter of the respective facility.

As a rule, only one pack per household will be distributed, and the distribution will end when the stock runs out. Not only sanitary napkins (30), but also food such as alpha rice (1 pack) and emergency crackers (26) and cookies (15) will be included.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.