Sakura, or cherry blossom, is a standard flavour for spring in Japan, and there’s so many different taste combinations for blossom lovers to sample. Sometimes it’s different types of tea such as matcha sakura parfaits, and other times there’s a fruity twist like sakura peach lattes, or sakura and strawberry afternoon tea.

Although there’s plenty of cherry blossom beverages to choose from this year, the choice of flavours can set each one apart, and one boba shop in Japan has come up with a match made in heaven.

‘CoCo Toka’ is a Taiwanese bubble tea brand with several branches in Japan, and for their spring contribution to the sakura scene they’ve come up with a ‘Sakura Lychee Blossom’ beverage.

Sweet and pink lychee is the perfect partner for cherry blossom and the boba looks like a tall drink of spring. Starting with a strawberry slush base, there’s salty cream to offset the sweetness, and a whole layer of lychee fruit pieces and nata de coco.

As a seasonal offering, the beverage is only sticking around until 19th April, and it costs 594 yen. It can be found in the Shibuya, Machida and Akihabara branches of CoCo Toka, as well as Piazza Kobe in Hyogo prefecture.

By - Jess.