When it comes to adorable, character-inspired cakes featuring Disney characters, you'll struggle to find some cuter than those that come from Japanese cake shop chain Ginza Cozy Corner. The confectioners have been collaborating with Disney for a while now, bringing out beautifully presented sweets based on various characters and movies, which appeal to kids and nostalgic adults alike.

Mickey and his various companions aren’t new muses for the confectionery chain, but for this new set Donald’s mischievous nephews are making their first ever appearance as three cute mini-size tarts.

Disney super fans should be able to easily identify every character in the nine-piece set, but for those who can’t, here’s a rundown.

Starting from the top row on the left, Pluto is represented by a chocolate cream cake and Goofy is a chocolate cream and orange white chocolate cream tart. Next, Minnie Mouse is portrayed as a strawberry flavour sponge cake with strawberry cream.

Then on the second row, the Duck family make their appearance. On the left is Daisy Duck as a roll cake with blueberry yoghurt flavour cream. Louie’s tart is white chocolate cream on a melon flavour tart. A cheese cream roll cake in a sailor’s hat will make any Disney fan think of Donald instantly.

On the bottom row, Dewey is another white chocolate cream tart but with a blue soda flavour, and next to him is a Mickey Mouse cocoa sponge cake. Finally, Huey’s white chocolate cream tart is strawberry flavoured.

The whole set comes in an adorable box featuring all the characters from the cake assortment.

The set will be sold for a limited time only, until 22nd April, costing 2700 yen.

By - Jess.