Bolides (commonly known as fireballs) are the brightest of meteors you're ever likely to observe in the night sky.

At around 3:00 a.m. on March 14, 2021, a large bolide was observed in the skies above Izu Ōshima and instantly became a hot topic.

Here are two photos taken by Twitter user イトウ Itō (@orecola).

Depending on the location from which you observed the phenomenon, the fireball looked like it was plummeting down towards Mount Fuji.

These photos look like screenshots from Makoto Shinkai's 2016 hit animated film Your Name.

"Without further delay, here's that fireball from earlier, along with Mt. Fuji!"

Reproduced with permission from イトウ Itō (@orecola)

In a gorgeous night sky filled with countless stars, a fireball streaks boldly in their midst, sending a dazzling plume of bright light streaking behind it as it hurtles downwards.

The combination of Mt. Fuji and the fireball is such a fantastic sight that, even as a still image, it's breathtaking. One can't even fathom what it was like to be there seeing it in motion.

This color-adjusted photo by Itō is as beautiful as a painting:

Reproduced with permission from イトウ Itō (@orecola)

According to the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), "Bolides occur, on average, at a rate of a few per month, but it's not something you can plan on observing."

Twitter users reacted to these stunning images:

  • "It really looks like a scene from Your Name!"
  • "It's too beautiful. It's certainly rare to see a collaboration between Mt. Fuji and a meteor."
  • "What a wonderful picture. I think my wish will come true."

If you actually saw a beautiful fireball in a setting like this with Mt. Fuji as a backdrop, maybe you'd forget to make a wish!

By - Ben K.