Pino is a bite-sized bonbon with a smooth ice cream filling and a chocolate coating that melts in your mouth. One of Morinaga Milk Industries' long-selling products, it's celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2021 with a special strawberry flavor reflecting the current trends*

* According to the Japan Ice Cream Association's "Ice Cream White Paper 2002," the popularity of strawberry flavor is increasing. For the first time in five years, it was fourth in the ranking of favorite flavors, behind vanilla, chocolate and green tea.

Pino Amaou Strawberry is made with 100% juice of Japan's Amaou varietal. Often called the "king of brand name strawberries," Amaou is prized for its sweet taste and mild acidity.

With Pino Amaou Strawberry, you can enjoy the authentic and sweet taste of strawberries harmoniously blended with chocolate for a mouth-watering treat.

Product Details

  • Name: 「ピノ あまおう苺」 Pino Amaou Strawberry
  • Contents: 60 ml (10 ml x 6)
  • Availability: Convenience stores, supermarkets, general retailers
  • Release date and area: March 29th (Monday), nationwide
  • Calories: 32 kcal per unit (10 ml)
  • Suggested retail price: 140 JPY (tax not included)
  • Link: Morinaga Dairy Industries Co., Ltd.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.