Hochi Shimbun Co., Ltd., publisher of the daily newspaper "Sports Hochi", will release a "Love Live! Sunshine‼ Aqours 5th Anniversary Special Issue" from March 24th.

The issue will trace the progress of the school idol group Aqours from the popular anime Love Live! Sunshine!!, celebrating their 5th anniversary this year, includes interviews with the cast members and an extra-large poster with a newly-drawn illustration.

The special issue, which costs 550 yen including tax, will first go on sale on March 19th at a pop-up store in Shizuoka Marui. It will also be available for pre-order on Sports Hochi's entertainment e-commerce site, Hochi Entertainment Market (H.O.E.M.).

Details follow below

Extra-large poster with a newly-drawn illustration

The poster of the nine members of Aqours on the center page is a must-have for fans.

Moreover, fans will surely appreciate the special feature on the obverse side which looks back at five years of Aqours with photos from concerts and events.

Pre-sale at Shizuoka Marui and pre-ordering online

This special edition will first go on sale at the pop-up store on the 4th floor of Shizuoka Marui (Shizuoka City) starting March 19th. Not only will you be able to get your hands on it before it goes on sale to the general public, but you will also be able to purchase goods using the newly-drawn illustration.

For more details, check out the following website. Pre-orders will also be accepted at the Hochi Entertainment e-commerce site "H.O.E.M."


  • Newly-taken photos and interviews with all 9 cast members: (Anju Inami, Rikako Aida, Shuka Saito, Nanaka Suwa, Arisa Komiya, Aina Suzuki, Aika Kobayashi, Kanako Takatsuki, Ai Furihata)
  • The 9 members of Aqours talk about each other by grade: (Chika Takami, Riko Sakurauchi, You Watanabe, Kanan Matsuura, Dia Kurosawa, Mari Ohara, Yoshiko Tsushima, Hanamaru Kunikida, Ruby Kurosawa)
  • Extra-large poster with newly-drawn illustration
  • Feature: A look back at the 5 years of Aquors with photos from concerts and events
  • General release date: March 24, 2021 (some areas may be delayed due to shipping)
  • Advance release date: March 19, 2021
  • Format: Tabloid size 24 pages, all color + extra large poster
  • Price 550 JPY (tax included)
  • Distribution: Major convenience stores (excluding some areas and stores), anime stores, some bookstores, Hochi Entertainment Market (H.O.E.M.) e-commerce site, etc.

By - Ben K.