Ahhh, coffee! Where would I be without you?

I certainly wouldn't be able to maintain this job—or any job for that matter—without a cup of pick-me-up periodically throughout the day. It wakes you up and calms you down. What could be better?

Clearly, I'm not the only one that feels this way. According to statista.com, Japan consumed over 7.5 million 60 kg bags of coffee in 2019. While this by no means makes it a leader in that regard, it is an impressive amount for people who traditionally thrive on tea.

Sure enough, however, consumers also gravitate towards sweet concoctions and premium products as they seek their caffeine fix. For instance, we've covered the artisanal Flower Strawberry Latte offered by Sarutahiko as well as the sakura-flavored product line available from Starbucks. Unsurprisingly, other afficianadoes have flipped for Porco Rosso-themed coffee products and accessories available from Ghibli.

All in all, they are truly magical products.

Black Jack coffee

That said, anime/caffeine dual addicts have further cause for celebration. In a recent press release, online retailer Jewelry Kamine announced the release of their Black Jack coffee line.

In tea-obsessed Japan, electric coffee makers are limited, and coffee drinkers often rely on drip coffee bags—demonstrated above—when making java at home. For the unacquainted, consumers simply open coffee filters pre-filled with grinds and place the attached cardboard chassis above a mug. Simply pour hot water over the contraption and dispose of it when done for an easy-to-make pick me up.

That said, the line of Black Jack coffee bags is available in two types. The royal blend—featured in the header image above—comes in the originally designed "Black Jack and Pinoko" packaging. The blend is inspired by the brews of Latin America and strikes a careful balance between aroma, richness, and sweetness. For 842 JPY, the package includes five bags.

On the other hand, the release also includes an assortment of five kinds available as a separate product. This assortment also features five separate illustrations from the series, as well as five flavors of coffee. Overall, the set includes a "Mocha Blend," "Classic Bitter Blend," "Royal Blend," "Blue Mountain Blend," and a “Charcoal-roasted Blend.” The set of five is a little more expensive, however, retailing at 1,058 JPY. Nevertheless, the variety and artwork are surely worth it.

Visit Jewelry Kamine’s website for more information.

By - Luke Mahoney.