Japan is a great place to be if you’re a Moomin fan. Lovers of the rotund troll can visit the Moomin theme park located just outside of Tokyo, or grab something to eat at a Moomin Cafe, which will famously sit you with a Moomin plushie for company. But for a more casual brush with Moomin culture, there are also several branches of 'Moomin Stand', a drinks stand themed after the Finnish character which sells adorable beverages with Moomin motifs.

The theme of their seasonal lineup is ‘Spring has come to Moominvalley’, and there’s two new drinks on the menu to enjoy.

One beverage has the architecturally adventurous concept of looking like the ‘Moominhouse’. Any Moomin lover will recognise the drink’s pastel blue colour which looks like the main tower of the house, while a cone-shaped top looks like the red roof. The actual drink is a blue raspberry yoghurt smoothie, which explains the colour, with a mixed berry accent. It costs 630 yen for a regular size, and 750 yen for a large size (not including tax).

Next is the ‘Moominvalley Spring-coloured Soda’. This drink contains brightly coloured elements like yellow pineapple, nata de coco and jelly to look like colourful spring leaves. The straw has an adorable illustration of Moomin and Snufkin to add to the charm. It costs 550 yen for regular and 670 yen for large.

This drinks duo will be around for spring only, so check out this list of Moomin Stand locations all over Japan to track down these sweet Moomin concoctions.

By - Jess.