Although boba first started in Taiwan, there’s plenty of takes on the beverage that are inspired by other countries’ cuisines, including Japan. Pearl Lady Cha Bar is one bubble tea shop that finds new product ideas from traditional Japanese flavours, for example their take on sakura bubble tea they released last year.

Now their new lineup is themed around the idea of ‘drinking shiratama’. Shiratama is a type of white mochi often found in traditional Japanese desserts, and the new drink lineup is inspired by two of these desserts.

The drinks both have bite size mochi balls which can be drank through the straw like tapioca pearls.

The ‘Shiratama Kuromitsu Kinako Milk’ is based on brown sugar syrup and soybean flour mochi desserts.

Next up, the ‘Shiratama Matcha Azuki Milk’ is one for green tea fans. The combination of mochi, matcha and red beans is classic in traditional Japanese sweets and should make for the perfect beverage for sweet-toothed boba lovers.

Both are going on sale from 22nd March and can be picked up at branches of Pearl Lady Cha Bar in Japan. Check out the website for shop lists and opening information!

By - Jess.