The definition of doggy bags got an adorable dimension added to it when a Japanese tea maker decided to attach clever and cute dog images to their high quality tea bags, but cat lovers don't need to feel left out. Feline fans can have their very own cat tea time friends, modeled in detail down to the paws.

Much like their canine counterparts, these cat teabags come in a variety of playful poses. The leather cat cutouts can be propped up on the rim of your teacup and removed after to use decoratively. They've been designed capture the details of each kitty's paw and even give off an image of fluffiness.

The tea leaves used are carefully selected from Shizuoka prefecture, one of the biggest tea producing regions in Japan. They're available in both green tea (Neko Cha) and Japanese black tea (Ne-kocha--a pun on neko, the Japanese word for cat, and kocha, for black tea). The green tea variety has a rich deepness and balanced bittersweet flavor, while the black tea has a roasted aroma and sweetness.

Check out the adorable kitty green tea and kitty black tea bags at grape SHOP in the aroma of your choice, where you can find them available in a set of 6 that comes with a safe felt mat to set them on as well..

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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