Japanese non-profit cat rescue organization Neco Republic seems to always be searching for creative ways to help out our feline friends. In the past they've organized events and cafes to pair cats looking for forever homes with shy guys, opened a hotel with a view of an adoptable cat cafe, and even released a cat shrine pet house.

One of their most popular efforts, however, has been a collaborative release with Wakayama-based Chicken Nakata: a miniature kotatsu for cats bundled with mikan (mandarin oranges) a popular winter and kotatsu tabletop snack, as well as a regional delicacy of Wakayama.

Later on, the two turned the mikan into a delicious mikan juice called "Nyan Juice" ("Meow Juice") that came along with the kitty kotatsu.

Many customers enjoyed the juice and asked if they could buy it on its own, and now Neco Republic has thought of a way to provide that while also battling pandemic-inflicted food waste in Japan as well as continue their cat rescue efforts, by releasing 7,200 liters of the delicious mikan juice that would have otherwise been chalked up as wasted product during the pandemic, while also collecting 2% of the proceeds to their efforts to rescue cats in Japan.

The campaign has been overwhelmed with orders, but a shipment bound to quench thirst, help mikan farmers, and make kitties purred is expected in April.

By - Big Neko.