There’s plenty of ways for fans of Pokemon to express their love of the beloved series. In Japan, the amount of Pokemon inspired merchandise is almost ridiculous ranging from sneakers to kitchen hooks. But when on the look out for something sparkly, U-treasure is the place to catch ‘em all. This Japanese jeweller has a whole line-up of delicate pieces inspired by various Pokemon that can be worn by anyone, for any occasion.

There’s so many Pokemon to choose from in their collection, that there’s sure to be one that resonates with you. If you relate to Snorlax’s laziness there’s the perfect pendant for lethargic Pokemon trainers, and if you’re known for your changeable nature, you can go for Ditto.

Their latest piece would be a fitting accessory for fans of the legendary Pokemon Mew. A Pokemon so elusive that it was thought to be extinct, those of us with introverted tendencies are sure to relate to Mew’s shyness.

The necklace’s dangling charm is super detailed all the way around, and while the jewellery is made of silver, it has a rose gold plating to look like the original Pokemon’s pink hue. Mew is sitting adorably on top of Pokeball which has an inset diamond in the middle.

The piece costs 17,600 yen and can currently be preordered on U-Treasure's website until 13th April 2021.

By - Jess.