In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, most people are trying to maintain social distance. However, when it comes to putting food on your table, not everyone has the luxury of having groceries delivered to them. Shopping can be worrisome since it potentially involves contact with an indeterminate number of people and in closed quarters. In Japan, many stores are taking measures at the checkout counter such as setting up clear partitions or using rubber gloves, but when things get crowded, the risks increase.

One solution which is now available is a drive-thru greengrocer which allows customers to shop in a drive-thru format with minimal contact with other people. This service is provided by Food Supply Co.

Reducing food waste by selling unused restaurant-bound produce

With the demand for shorter hours at restaurants, Japanese farmers who provided restaurants with vegetables experienced a large amount of food waste. In addition, the logistics industry distributing the vegetables has also suffered.

Making things worse during the pandemic, these farmers and logistics companies are not eligible for any government stipends.

In order to help, this drive-thru greengrocer is selling a "Mottainai Vegetable Set," an assortment of vegetables that were to be sold to restaurants, to customers who shop there.

If you make a reservation in advance and drive to a specific location such as the Tokyo Keihin Island Center on the day of the sale, you can have fresh seasonal vegetables, rice, and other items loaded onto your car.

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The price is 5,000 yen including tax, which includes 5kg of rice, eggs, and more than 20 kinds of vegetables. It may take some time and effort to go shopping by car, but it seems to be a very economical way to shop.

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This is an effort to not only prevent the spread of coronavirus, but also to support producers, reduce food waste, and shop in a way that's friendly to both people and the environment.

For more information on opening dates, locations, and reservation forms, please click here:

Drive-Thru Grocery Store

By - grape Japan editorial staff.