Since many of us have been stuck at home for the last year, something that has been keeping us positive is the adorable antics of pets, which have been shared and viewed online. A funny picture or video of a cute animal is enough to make us smile, and what better pets to provide that smile than meme royalty, the shiba inu.

This dog photo, which was uploaded to Twitter by @shibamofuyuzu, is prime meme material and stars Yuzu, who is showing off her eccentric sleeping pose.

Source: @shibamofuyuzu

Yuzu proves that pet beds can be one size fits all as long as you just believe, and this one, whilst a tight fit, does look like an enviably snug cocoon of comfort and safety. This is perfect for Yuzu-chan, who apparently loves a midday nap.

The Twitter post drew some witty comparisons, comparing the sight to a fresh oyster. It’s easy to see why with the grey coloured pet bed being stretched into an ellipsis thanks to Yuzu. Other commenters pointed out that with her ears hidden, Yuzu looks akin to a baby seal.

If you want to see more adorable pictures and videos of Yuzu, check out her Twitter page for more cute content to brighten you day!

By - Jess.