Many in Japan are used to wearing masks even before their raised necessity due to the novel coronavirus, as they are often worn to protect against common colds and hay fever, as well as to simply provide a sense of privacy. However, many people also find mask strings to be irritating around the ears when worn for long periods of time.

In particular, women who visit beauty salons can find them to be a hindrance during their treatment as they touch and block one's their hair. In response to those concerns, Japanese company Beauty Garage has developed a stringless "Seal Mask" intended to make treatment at salons easier for both customers and staff.

As the name implies, the mask can be attached to the face with a seal, which is made of medical grade double-sided adhesive tape, so it is safe on the skin.

It has a three-layer filter that can drastically cut down on bacteria and pollen. The filter is attached with two seals at the top and one at the bottom to prevent gaps from forming.

Beauty Garage sells the masks in two different sizes in packs of 50 for 1,650 yen on their website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.