The ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has had a heavy impact on many businesses. The food and beverage industry in particular that has had to deal with many adjustments. In order to a provide safety and follow countermeasure protocol, restaurants are taking many measures, such as adjusting the number of seats available and ventilating throughout the day.

However, some restaurants have closed down due to an inability to adapt to such harsh conditions. Those hoping to open and start a business in the industry also face a difficult hurdle.

In an effort to provide a measure of relief for this, Akinai Research Institute, Inc., a company that provides support to venture companies and entrepreneurs, has launched "Coworking Kitchens," a shared kitchen space business that specializes in opening delivery restaurants.

It is a service to support entrepreneurs and chefs in the food and beverage industry who do not have a physical store as of yet or have closed theirs temporarily, and only operate a take-out or delivery service.

The first attempt will be opening "Coworking Kitchens Matsudo" in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture on March 31, 2021.

This is a Matsudo City subsidized project with four private kitchens, and which began accepting applications for users on February 18th.

The facilities include a fully private kitchen that can be used on a monthly basis and a shared kitchen that can be used on an hourly basis.

The target customers are people who want to start a new business in the restaurant industry, or restaurants that are considering changing their business model, while reducing their initial expenses. Those interested in following or participating in the project can do so at the official website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.