If you are a kid at heart (but over the age of 20), this Lemon Chu-hi with a ramune twist is the perfect concoction for you.

With an ever increasing demand for fun drinks such as Lemon Chu-hi, breweries like Nakano Sake Brewery from Aichi prefecture have to constantly pump out new products in order to stay on top of the game.
That’s why they’ve come up with the ‘Kuppy Ramune Chu-hi’; an alcoholic beverage created in collaboration with an all time candy favourite from childhood – Kuppi Ramune.

If you haven’t eaten ramune candy since becoming an adult, be prepared to be hit by waves of nostalgia with the Kuppy Ramune Chu-hi

The collaboration came about when Nakano Sake Brewery approached Kakudai Confectionary company, about creating an exciting new product that could contribute to the local community in Aichi.
After repeated trial and error, the two companies finally managed to reproduce the taste of Kuppi Ramune as an alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed by adults.

In order to faithfully reproduce the sweetness of Kuppi Ramune, the Kuppy Ramune Chu-hi contains glucose syrup that is often used in beverages. That extra sweet flavour is balanced out by the strong sour taste of Chu-hi – even when the ice melts, the flavour will remain, meaning the drink is enjoyable all the way to the very last drop.

The Kuppy Ramune Chu-hi contains 4% lemon juice. By adding fruit juice, Nakano Sake Brewery was able to add depth and richness to the flavour, which better resembles the taste of Kuppi Ramune candy.
Additionally, with the alcohol content kept at a low 4%, the drink retains a more candy-like taste, reproducing that nostalgic flavour loved by many during their childhoods.

How to enjoy your 20 Kuppi Ramune chu-hi

1. Fill up a glass with ice
2. Pour over Kuppy Ramune Chu-Hi
3. Add any amount of Kuppy Ramune candy you like. * The more you add, the sweeter it will become.
4. Drink while enjoying the bubbles that rise from the Kuppy Ramune candy

Kuppi Ramune Chu-hi (For ages 20+)

Price: 238 yen (excluding tax)
Capacity / Container: 300ml Bottle
Alcohol content: 4%
Sales area: Nationwide
Retailers: Regular Supermarkets, General Liquor stores, Nakano Sake Brewery Online Shop

By - Connie Sceaphierde.