Cherry blossom season is a massive deal in Japan, but sadly this year it seems the usual picnics and parties are off the table. One thing which has been raising the spirits of disappointed sakura watchers online is this adorable photo set showing a Shiba inu enjoying cherry blossom enough for all of us.

Check out the photos for yourself!

This dog is just having a great time! As the most popular type of dog in Japan, it only makes sense that a Shiba inu loves cherry blossom trees.

The photos were uploaded to Twitter by the dog’s owner (who amazingly owns five Shiba inu dogs), and went viral, garnering over 68 thousand retweets and 446 thousand likes. Commenters heaped praise on the dog and the owner, leaving comments such as ‘alright, this is the one’ and ‘I can’t believe such a cute puppy resides in the same world as me’.

Comments also referred to the dog’s adorable stretched out legs as a particular charming point while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Check out the owner’s Twitter if you want to see even more cute shiba inu antics throughout the seasons!

By - Jess.