The Peach Blossom Spring refers to a famous fable written by Tao Yuanming, is often described as an ethereal utopia with a dreamy view, and is the most peaceful place in harmony with nature.

But we all know that as a fabled place from a book, no such place could exist in real life...or so we thought!

“Jonan-gu (shrine)” is located in Fushimi district, Kyoto, and very well known for their plum trees and camellia in the spring time.

On a very nice spring day, Jonan shrine was in full blossom resulting in a breathtaking view, as these photos from talented Japanese photographer usalica show.

Usalica writes that they "went to see Jonan shrine in full blossom, all painted in rose pink. It definitely exceeded my expectations by far", and that's a fitting description of the lovely shots they provided.

The contrast between the rose-pink plum trees in full blossom and dark red camellia flowers fallen on the ground is just so beautiful that it is almost as if the time has slowed down in this place.

This dreamy view makes you forget all the chaos in the world.

If the Peach Blossom Spring really existed, this is what it may very well look like.

By - Mugi.