Koneroku the black cat lives with his owner (@nkknrk).

Two photos of Koneroku that the owner posted on Twitter are going viral with many sympathetic comments.

One day, @nkknrk walked into bathroom and noticed that the toilet paper was all shredded into pieces on the floor.

And then, there was Koneroku sitting right near the trashed toilet paper.

Needless to say, the owner was ready to call Kuroneko out on his heinous crime, thinking “You are the culprit!”... But then, Koneroku’s reaction gave them some pause...

"Nope, not me!"

Koneroku was sitting very politely in front of the toilet paper, the clear evidence of his crime, with a clueless, innocent face looking up as if to say, “I have no idea what you are talking about..."

His innocent face was not even acknowledging his wrong doing. But then, with such an adorable look on his face, it’s almost impossible to get mad at him.

This post received many comments.

"He is totally guilty!"

"Mr. Suspect’s innocent face, though! It made me laugh."

"The little head tilt is the cutest! His cuteness just earned a get out of jail free card."

There is enough evidence, but it may still be a challenge to arrest this furry suspect for his crime just yet!

By - Mugi.