Yoshiko (@menglish222) lives with her beloved elderly pug, Meh-kun.

One day, she decided to take a panorama photo during a walk.

She wanted to include Meh-kun in the photo, but Meh-kun decided to follow the camera as it moved to take lateral parallel shots.

The result is this photo right here...

"My dog doesn’t understand the concept of panorama pictures, and wouldn’t stop following the camera!"

Meh-kun is all stretched out laterally like a pug snake!

The background was captured just right; however, you can see least two versions of Meh-kun in this photo.

Meh-kun’s body was stretched out just perfectly at the right spot.

The post received many comments:

“It’s a whole other creature!” "I just had to laugh!" "The best! The laugh just creeps up on you with this one." "A total different creature here! Maybe, he was shedding his skin?"

Meh-kun might have just wanted to make sure he was in the photo.

This panorama photo is an appropriately memorable one, for sure!

By - Mugi.