Japan is home to a variety of sweets and snacks, and Tirol choco, also known as Chiroru Choko(チロルチョコ) in Japanese, is one of everyone’s favorites.

Tirol Choco is a chocolate candies series in Japan, rich in flavors and popular among children.

The mini square chocolates are sold at any convenience store or supermarket in Japan and are often the most affordable products in the stores.

What makes it so appealing not only to children but also to adults are the available options (including seasonal flavors) and the fair prices.

Some of their most popular flavors are fruits, nuts, cookies, matcha, chocolate cream, jelly, kinako, and mochi.

Unfortunately, the company has announced the discontinuation of the Kinako mochi(bag) and Matcha Mochi(bag)Tirol Choco, and they will cease production at the end of March 2021.

Kinako Mochi (きな粉餅) is a type of Japanese sweets made out of rice cake (mochi) coated with roasted soybean flour (kinako). 

As a mochi lover, the Kinako mochi and matcha mochi flavors were two of my favorites, and I would often buy the bags from supermarkets when doing groceries. I always opt for one square of each when I feel like eating something sweet and always have a bag nearby when doing overtime at work. Therefore, the news came as a shock for me and probably for many Tirol Choco fans out there.

On the social media distributed manga #MochikunMonogatari (#もちくん物語), you can notice the recent chapter that shows the character, Mochi-Kun, running away.

The plotline of the manga and the product are linked, and it is, in fact, a reference to ending the production of the two mochi (bag) series.

It is unfortunate to hear that they’ll end the production of the chocolate packs, but you can still hurry over to the supermarket or konbini nearby to get some before they disappear from shelves.

One pack costs only 100 yen, and it includes seven pieces of chocolates, so hopefully, you can still manage to get some and have a few bags for when you need a chocolate treat to sweeten your day.

By - cinnamonellie.