Japan has so many themed cafes based on animals, anime or cartoon characters, movies, fashion, and even professions!


One of the many characters’ inspired venues is the Peanuts Café Nakameguro.


They have many treats and dishes inspired by the Peanuts Gang and, like many other cafes and restaurants around Japan, every year, they come up with limited-time seasonal menus.

Just in time for the Sakura season, the café released two seasonal beverages perfect for the flower-viewing season.

Starting from the 20th of March to the 11th of April, they will serve the new cherry blossom spring edition drinks: Sakura Lemonade (iced) and Sakura-Yaki (charred) Marshmallow Latte (hot).

Both beverages have cute shades of pink and have as inspiration the spring’s symbolic flowers, Sakura (cherry blossoms), flowers that are also a significant part of the Japanese tradition.

You can drink the delicious spring beverages while taking a walk along the Meguro River and enjoying the blossoms.


The pale pink Sakura-ish appearance of the drinks combined with the cherry blossoms will bring a fine addition to the photos and give them a plus of loveliness.

The iced Sakura lemonade costs 650 yen (excluding tax), and it combines cherry syrup with the classic homemade lemonade of the Peanuts Café, giving it a sweet-sour, refreshing taste.

On the other hand, the Sakura Charred Marshmallow latte costs 700 yen (without tax), and it has a mix of cherry syrup, raspberry sauce, warm steamed milk, and roasted marshmallows.

For more details, check out the Peanuts Café Nakameguro Official Website.

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