Some of our readers may recall the amazing stop motion animation of Sakura from Street Fighter taking on a Red Bull can, which we introduced in January:

This is the work of award-winning (ADC Young Guns 17) Japanese stop motion animator Kenta Shinohara (@shinohara_kenta). The videos of his work which she shares on Twitter and YouTube consistently gain praise for their quality and entertainment value. Through his meticulous and skilled craftsmanship, he is able to create amazingly smooth motions. His popularity is also aided by the fact that he features popular anime and game characters.

Case in point. Mr. Shinohara's recent Tweet revealing his latest video on the theme of Kirby has 57,000 likes and 20,000 retweets and the time of writing:

If you're a fan of the Kirby franchise, you'll instantly recognize the iconic victory dance. Here, Kirby is joined by Blue Kirby and Yellow Kirby. If you look carefully at the background, you'll also notice Bandana Waddle Dee napping. He also appears at the end in a hilarious way.

Here is the full video on YouTube, which already has 196,930 views at the time of writing.

And please enjoy this making video too!

Incidentally, it isn't the first time the talented animator has featured Kirby in his videos. The last time, he showed Sephiroth using Kirby as a basketball.

But perhaps his most popular Kirby video so far is this one, in which Kirby tries to eat a can of chopped tomatoes and goes a bit overkill with one of his transformations:

If he wants tomatoes that badly, he should just buy some tomato puree or maybe even some tomato shiokōji...

For more amazing video game and anime stop motion animation videos, be sure to follow Kenta Shinohara on Twitter and YouTube!

By - Ben K.