Kei Otani (@Kei_Otani) uses drones to take photos of beautiful scenery in Hokkaido.

A view of nature up from the sky is almost more beautiful than you can imagine.

The photo Otani took at the end of October, 2020 shows not just your usual lake, but one that appears to be a heart!

Take a look at this amazing shot that is certain to awaken a calm force in you!

"Heart Lake in late autumn."

"A view of Hokkaido is astonishingly beautiful even up from the sky."

"(MLIT and other associated organizations’ flight permit obtained)"

It is a heart-shaped lake shone under the sunlight!

You can even see the reflection of the sky on the water surface. It is so beautiful that it almost looks like an edited image.

If you look even closer, the surrounding trees are changing the color of the leaves, as if to color the edge of the lake.

This particular view could not be captured from the land, and was possible only because of the drone.

This photo makes you wonder how much of unseen beauties are still hidden in Japan.

Nature created this perfectly captured view, and it certainly leaves us in awe.

By - Mugi.