Very few things are as calming and soul-centering as a nice hot cup of authentic green tea. But sometimes you may find yourself feeling as if something is lacking from your tea-sipping experience, something that ties the whole session together. Perhaps that something is a drinking companion, and not just any companion, but one that watches over your tea. Like a ninja or a samurai. Well, fortunately Yamasuzukimoto Shoten has your back, with these silhouettes of samurai, ninja, sumo, and geisha that double as stickers attached to your tea bag.

Each tea bag comes with a leather-cutout of a figure emblematic to different areas of Japanese art and culture. While you may be familiar with sumo wrestlers, samurai, ninja, and geisha, junihitoe and sukeroku may not immediately ring a bell. The junihitoe is an elegant twelve-layer kimono worn by Japanese court-ladies that originated during the Heian period, while sukeroku, a famous kabuki play whose titular character is a samurai with a strong penchant for starting fights.

The cool and charming tea bags are called yakusha ga sorotta Tea Bags (役者が揃ったTEA BAG), the name essentially translates to "the cast has been assembled" tea bags, signifying that a cast that represents the different facets of Japan's most recognizable art and culture has been assembled. The goal of these six stylish character tea-bags is to unleash a feeling of "This is Japan!" while you enjoy your high-quality green tea.







Speaking of tea, this isn't just a gimmicky pack of ninja tea bags, but especially selected high-quality tea leaves from Shizuoka prefecture, which accounts for 45% of Japan's overall tea production, as the prefecture's climate and quality water have made the prefecture one of Japan's leading producers of tea, particularly sencha. Yamasuzukimoto Shoten has also made English information regarding the six Japanese tea bag characters available on the tea's packaging.

And enjoying the Japanese aesthetic doesn't end once you finish your tea. The leather cut-out figures can be used as interior decorations, or just as stickers that you can attach to anything to spruce up its look.

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By - Big Neko.