"Fireball" can be used as an astronomical term that indicates an exceptionally bright meteor.

On March 14th, 2021, at approximately 3 am, a large fireball was witnessed in the sky over Izu-Oshima island and it became quite a topic.

Itou (@orecola) captured amazing shots of the sky that night, and they are astonishingly beautiful.

The fireball apparently almost looked as if it was crashing into Mt. Fuji, depending on the viewing point.

Here is one of the said photos, looking almost like a scene from a movie.

"Without further delay, here's that fireball from earlier, along with Mt. Fuji!"

An exceptionally bright fireball strikes through the sky, its every inch filled with stars, straight over the landscape.

The night view of Mt.Fuji and the fireball make such a dreamy image that it leaves you speechless.

Here is the second photo that Itou edited and gave an adjustment in color This one looks like a gorgeous painting.

According to the National Astronomical Observatory, “Fireballs happen on average about once a month, however, it is very hard to catch it just because you want to see them”.

There were some excited comments on the internet for these photos.

It’s like a scene from that movie, “Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)”...!

This is so beautiful. You don’t see Mt.Fuji and a fireball in the same picture like this every day.

This is such an amazing shot. Almost as if it will make my wishes come true.

If you encounter such a beautiful sight of a fireball, you might not be even able to remember to ask for wishes!

By - Mugi.