While safety countermeasures against the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) such as masks and social distancing have become a norm for many, it can sometimes be difficult for parents to get young children to cooperate with something as simple as routinely washing their hands.

Filino Smile, a company in Japan, has now released a product that they hope can help encourage young children enjoy washing their hands with the visual aid of eliminating a virus. Their latest release, Pocket Soap, allows children to carry around an on-the-go soap visualized as a "kawaii" virus image that dissipates after 30 seconds of hand washing.

Pocket Soap comes in individually wrapped packets, making them easy to pack and carry around when on the move. They come in the design of cartoonish virus characters introduced in a for-kids educational project called "Oretachi virus", and give kids some fun motivation to properly wash their hands 30 seconds of scrubbing thoroughly causes the virus character to be "destroyed"--or dissipate.

Pocket Soap comes in six different fragrances, including ylang ylang, mint, lavender, floral, soapy, and rose.

Filino Smile sells Pocket Soap at their online shop for 900 yen a package.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.