Gadget vendor Thanko Co., Ltd. announced today that in June 2021, it will release a stylish black color model of their popular Lakua compact tank-type dishwasher that requires no running water supply. The new model is currently available for pre-order.

A tank-type dishwasher that requires no installation work and can be set up anywhere, the Lakua was released in February 2020 in a white model, to much acclaim. It won the Grand Prix in the "Home Appliance of the Year" award for 2020, and in less than a year, the company has sold more than 16 million units.

The water required for washing is supplied from a tank. Simply fill the water supply port on the top of the main unit with about 5 liters of water.

The unit can be installed anywhere without the need for plumbing work as it does with a standard dishwasher, which involves far less hassle and leaves more room on your kitchen counter.

The Lakua can wash 16 dishes and chopsticks or cutlery for 3 people.

Five different washing modes are available, including speedy, powerful, and eco-friendly. Hot water of over 50 degrees Celsius is sprayed from above and below to powerfully wash the dishes. After washing, the dishes are dried at high temperature.

Water conservation

If you want to reduce your water consumption and help reduce carbon emissions, you can also appreciate the Lakua which washes dishes with only 5 liters of water, or a tenth of the amount typically used when washing dishes by hand (calculated based on 2 minutes of washing and 2 minutes and 16 seconds of rinsing, 200 CC per second, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau). Of course, you also save water bills.

Product Features

  • Tank-type dishwasher that requires no installation
  • Water is supplied by pouring water directly into the tank.
  • It can wash 16 dishes and cutelery/chopsticks at once.
  • Powerful washing by spraying hot water of 50°C or more from above and below.
  • Washes with about 5 liters of water. Saves about 1/10 of water compared to hand washing.
  • 5 different washing modes
  • Warm air drying
  • Easy operation with a touch panel
  • Can also be used with a split faucet

Are you still skeptical about how well a diminutive dishwasher can wash your dishes, take a look at how it handles plates left out to dry for an hour after eating curry on rice:

The "Lakua" BLACK is available for the very reasonable price of 29,800 yen (tax included) at the Thanko website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.