Cola-Cola Japan will launch their largest campaign yet on the official Coca-Cola app "Coke ON" from April 5, 2021.

From April 5th to May 16th 2021, first time users of the "Coke ON" app, and those who haven’t used the app for a long time (i.e didn’t use it in March), will be eligible for the buy-one-get-one-free drink when purchasing a Coca-Cola product through the app. The campaign will run for 6 weeks, and will be held at approximately 370,000 Coke ON-compatible vending machines nationwide. Buy a Coca-Cola drink every week and get one free!

Additionally, from April 5th to May 31st 2021, all Coke ON who use the ‘Coke ON Pay’ or ‘Coke ON IC’ cashless payment of product purchases will receive double the ‘Coke ON’ stamps.

These campaigns are based on Coca-Cola's concept; "exciting futures actually begin in your immediate surroundings", and their new advertising campaign "The future is casual." The beverage company will release four new TV commercials from the 5th of April, that show ‘everyday exciting moments’ that surround Coca-Cola’s vending machines.

Coca-Cola Japan regards their vending machines, of which there are over 880,000 units nationwide, as "stores" and highly values their ​​daily contact with customers. In 2016, they launched the smartphone app "Coke ON" that allows you to purchase beverages by connecting to compatible vending machines, and as of April 2021, they have deployed around 370,000 of these "Coke ON" compatible vending machines nationwide. The ‘Coke ON’ application has received over 26 million downloads, and is continuing to grow into an app that is used by many people.

Coke ON application buy-one-get-one-free campaign

Eligible customers: First time app users and those who did not purchase from ‘Coke ON’ vending machines during March 2021.
Dates: 5 April – 16 May 2021

Double Coke ON stamps for cashless purchases campaign

Normally, only one "Coke ON" stamp is provided with each purchase of a Coca-Cola product, but during this campaign two stamps will be given out per purchase. Collect 15 stamps and you’ll receive a drink ticket that can be exchanged for one of your favourite Coca-Cola products.

Eligible customers: Users who purchase Coca-Cola products with ‘Coke ON Pay’ or ‘Coke ON IC’.
Dates: 5 April – 31 May 2021

By - Connie Sceaphierde.